Covid-19 Protocols

Last Updated: January 12, 2022

Click below to read GS CARE's current COVID-19 policy:

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Policy

Daily Screening Requirements

Before you arrive at the school each day:

1. Screen your child(ren) using the provincial screening tool found at

2. If each child passes the screening, they are permitted to attend the program that day. Email the results for each child to your program’s email address (there is a one-click email option at the end of the screening tool).

3. The adult entering the school to drop off or pick up the child(ren) must screen using the provincial screening tool found at selecting ‘Visitor’ as the category.

4. If the adult passes the screening, they are permitted to enter the school to drop off or pick up the child(ren). Email the results to your program’s email address. If one adult is dropping off a child and another is picking up, both must submit screening results via email.

Email addresses for results:

Sacred Heart Guelph -

Sacred Heart Rockwood -

St. Francis -

St. John -

St. Ignatius -

St. Patrick -

St. Paul -

Note: please only use for results, questions should be directed to

A mask is required to be worn by the adult dropping off or picking up the child in the school.

If your child(ren) attend after school only, we must receive the screening results before 2:45pm, and for the adult picking up before they arrive. We suggest sending results in the morning before school.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it okay to send daily screening results in the morning for my child who attends only in the afternoon?

A: Yes, and we encourage you to do so. Screening for adults picking up children at the end of the day may also be sent in the morning.

Q: I am fully vaccinated with two doses. Do I still need to send in the daily screening results?

A: Yes, anyone entering the program must submit their daily screening results.

Q: Does everyone in the household need to submit the daily screening results?

A: Only the child(ren) attending the GS CARE program and the adult picking up or dropping off the child(ren) need to submit daily screening results.

Q: Can a staff member come to the exterior door to bring my child into the program or for pick-up like last school year?

A: We will no longer have screening staff at an exterior door this year, so parents or guardians must take their children to the program classroom or pick them up from the classroom.  

Q: Will this daily screening submission need to be done for the whole school year?

A: As a licensed child care program we are required to collect results until otherwise directed by our local public health unit or the Ministry of Education.

Q: My child did not pass the screening. What do I need to do?

A: If your child does not pass the screening, follow the instructions given by the screening tool for next steps. You are required to report to the program that your child will not be attending and why they are not attending. Call your child’s program on-site cellphone number (listed here) and report to staff or leave a message. This is to be done in all cases of absences, including vacations and personal circumstances.

If you have any questions, please contact Nanette at 519-240-0864 or